Just a couple of kilometers from Chateau du Chiron is Ravenaud, a private property with 150 acres of hunting ground.
Dedicated to hunting for the last 30 years the land is rich in organic matter with an abundant and varied vegetation. A wide range of landscapes from forest, lakes and wetlands to cultivated fields gives you a wide range of large game to hunt.
The game, mainly consisting of boar, roe deer and deer can regularly be seen crossing between the different landscapes allowing for a dynamic shoot and giving each gun the perfect opportunity to see the game.
The hunt including the hounds is organised by a guide who is an expert in big game throughout europe, Arfica and Asia together with a team of experienced beaters.
Lunch, dinner and wine will be served in front of the large fire in the hunting room with your host Hubert to finish off your days shoot.
Practical information:
European hunting licence and insurance are required.
At the beginning of each hunt you will be instructed which animals can be shot, the relevant whistles and security information.
Hunting (rifle or shotgun) for wildboar, deer or roe deer per day:
Per gun (maximum of 10 guns)200€
Each animal killed or shot350€
Trophy animals250€
Please ask for further details concerning gun rental and ammunition