The 15th March is Mothering Sunday. Chocolates are always appreciated but instead of buying a box why not make a box of homemade truffles.
300ml double cream
300g dark chocolate (preferably 70%)
1 pinch of sea salt
2 tablespoons of coca powder
flavorings of your choice
Put the cream in a pan and heat over a medium heat, you don’t want it to boil so keep an eye on it. 
Break the chocolate into small pieces into a medium sized mixing bowl and slowly pour over the hot cream whilst mixing with a wooden spoon or spatula add the pinch of sea salt at this point and it will really bring out the chocolate flavour.
If you wish to add any flavours to your truffles split the chocolate mixture between separate bowls at this point. You can add some orange zest for a chocolate orange truffle, a small amount of cognac for a cognac truffle, chilli flakes for a chilli truffle or how about some finely chopped up mixed nuts for a nutty truffle. Really any flavour that takes your fancy or even just leave plain.
Put the bowl or flavoured bowls in the fridge for a couple of hours and it will set into a lovely glossy firm chocolate.
Take a teaspoon amount and roll into a ball between the palm of your hands making sure that your hands stay cold at all times to stop the chocolate from melting. You may need to run your hands under the cold water tap from time to time.
Once you have made all the balls roll them in the cocoa powder to give them a professional finish.
These can be put in a clean and dry kilner jar, old jam jar or in an old chocolate box and decorated to make your mothers day gift extra special.